How we can help

CNP provides pragmatic advice and practical support across four key areas:

Strategic & Business Planning
  • Enterprise and business-unit strategic planning exercises
  • Business planing (recurring and one-off)
  • Competitive advantage assessment
  • Portfolio assessment & planning
  • Strategy execution and governance
Mergers & Acquisitions SPACE
  • Design and implementation of M&A programs
  • Acquisition & disposal strategy planning
  • Target selection, evaluation & pursuit
  • Negotiation of commercial terms, deal structuring
  • Due diligence
  • Integration planning and execution
  • Synergy assessment & tracking

Corporate Development & Transformation
  • New market entry – assessment, planning and execution
  • Joint ventures (JV) establishment/ JV partner selection & assessment
  • Channel partner selection & assessment
  • Leadership alignment

Change & Risk Management
  • Change management for corporate projects, transactions & initiatives
  • Risk assessment and mitigation planning (qualitative-focused)
  • Change/risk management communication planning

Our Model – a flexible resource focused on value to you

We aim to offer a flexible and cost-effective service model, often working in conjunction with our clients’ own team and other external professionals.

Engage us today and we will start supporting you today. Use as much of our help and advise as you need (but not more!).

To ensure that our commercial interests are aligned with yours, we are happy to discuss putting our fees at risk (for example where there is a chance that a transaction will not proceed) or to be remunerated based on the value delivered to you (success fee, partial commission model, etc).

Service highlights…

Representing You

With travel restrictions placed on businesses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic we are increasingly being asked by clients to represent them.

CNP can represent your business, supporting you to nurture existing customer relationships, find & pursue new business, track changes in the market and reshape your market strategy.

Agile Business Planning

If your organization is struggling to drive growth or to navigate change, agile business planning (ABP) could be the tool you need to grow and develop.

ABP helps your business to focus on key objectives and ensure that those objectives are effectively communicated, tracked and implemented.

CNP can help to implement an agile planning process across your organization, including choosing and rolling-out a cloud-based planning tool

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