The world of business planning is changing!

Agile, cloud-based business planning tools are shifting how businesses pursue growth and manage change. Key objectives and initiatives are captured and pursued using a dedicated planning tool. Business Sorter is a cloud-based tool that provides a comprehensive framework for developing a live plan allowing organizations to share, track progress and drive implementation.

Planning that pays offs – watch the demo

Why businesses are switching to Business Sorter:

  • with a cloud-based tool, the plan becomes a live document that can easily be updated
  • gone are IT-integration issues or the challenge of trying to find the most up-to-date version – everyone works from the same, easily accessible ‘document
  • Business Sorter’s framework and the content that it provides, significantly decreases the time (and therefore cost) required for planning. Get to implementation faster!
  • the tool prompts broader thinking and reduces management ‘blind spots’
  • Business Sorter helps to drive implementation with tasks assigned and reminders generated by email. It gives management a clear picture of progress (or lack of!)
  • it is also a powerful tool for employee engagement, allowing the business’s key objectives to be easily shared across the whole organization

Hey Spreadsheet, your days as a planning tool are numbered!

Whether you are developing a turnaround plan or looking to implement the key objectives for a business that is already successful, Business Sorter is a more efficient and effective way to drive growth and change

Supercharge you planning efforts with help from CNP

In addition to helping you evaluate whether Business Sorter is right for your organization, CNP provides a range of practical advice and support to improve your business planning efforts. Need an external facilitator to run a planning session? Want advice on how to roll-out effective planning across your organization… we can help!

Plans for businesses of all sizes

The cost of Business Sorter is based on the number of users. Get access for as little as US$80 per year for each organization. Access can be scaled-up as the tool is rolled-out the tool or as the organization grows

Sign up today for a 14 day free trial (no credit card required!). Try all the features for two weeks

Companies where Business Sorter is paying off

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